I had a pleasant experience working with Francois, he was professional, thoughtful and patient. The photos were beautiful taken and delivered on time. I was very satisfied with his services and the outcome. Highly recommend him to anyone.
— Nikky - Calgary
I love pictures but doing my pics with Francois was a totally exciting experience. I felt like a supermodel. He is so patient, passionate, humble, and deep to his service. Most of all his work is amazing.
He is definitely my guy for any event. Guys, try an adventure with him n see.
— Marjorie - Calgary
I can't say enough about Francois.
He's an amazing Photographer. Very Professional, Patient and Passionate.
I highly recommend him without doubt.
— DR. UNATI - Calgary
François has a complete package for a photographer. Our photoshop was so Fun; he’ll make sure all your beautiful moments captured perfectly, Highly recommended.
— Mr. Sylvain - Calgary
Francois Mutombo Photography is a professional photographer that takes pride in his work. He arrives at your occasion on time and captures the event with keen attention to details. He appears sharp and his smiles add glow to your event. He delivers the job in a timely fashion. The picture quality superb. I can go on and on. I would recommend him to friends and other businesses.
— OLORI - Calgary